So, you are really tired of using single time plastic bags or you are trying to save the environment. And you are looking for a viable alternative to that ominous choice of plastic bags. Well, cotton bags are here just for you. This is an eco-friendly option reflecting traditional as well as healthy lifestyle in a true sense. Reusable properties of these cotton bags set them a step ahead of their competitors. Manifold usages of these bags have made them viable for your daily life as well.

Cotton Bags

Cotton bag users can claim their fair contribution in environment protection. Most importantly, you can literally use them for thousands of times. Moreover, the brand leaves a lasting impression on the customer’s mind because of its long lasting capacities. Contrary to popular idea which is restricted to only shopping, there are plenty of ways you can use cotton bags.


1. Of course, you are supposed to pack your total shopping in a cotton bag. It is suitable for groceries. Cotton bags are far stronger than a plastic bag and can carry 10-15 kilograms of your daily items without causing any problem. If you prefer fresh vegetables, reusable mesh produce bags should be an irreplaceable part of your life for refrigeration purposes.


2. Hard but fragile materials such as glassware, melamine, etc will enjoy better protection inside of a cotton bag. Especially during a transit, you may enjoy a relaxed time in this regard.


3. Porous reusable mesh produce bags can be used for straining yogurt, juice, nut milk, etc.


4. A number of products follows a baby everywhere. Their toys, nappies, bottles and so many things will find a safe haven in a cotton bag.


5. Having a picnic or going to take a lunch outdoors? Pack the meal in a tote bag. Feel free to open the bag anytime and anywhere.


6. You can also store books, magazines, journals, etc in this bag so that the paper can have an extended life. Moreover, keep your washing items in a tote bag in the kitchen or the shower.


7. You can arrange your dresses as well as shoes in the cotton tote bags. It helps you organize in a perfect manner. There will suddenly appear an ocean of extra space inside the wardrobe as you huddle the bags into the drawers.


8. Hold the wallets, socks, bow ties, headbands and wristbands in one place so that you do not need to look up for these things every once in a while.


9. These are washable bags and you can put all the dirty things such as dish sponges, dishcloths, etc in a single place.


10. You can also use them as a storage for jewelry, beauty product, game sets, etc.