Well, beeswax wrap is the ultimate solution to a world of volatile plastic effects on the environment. Everyday, more and more people are coming aboard this eco-friendly idea. You can use this product in order to save any food item from rotting. Its antibacterial properties shows some wonders for days in terms of food safety.


How long do beeswax wraps last?

We can safely assume that the beeswax wraps last for up to 9 months to a full year because of its amazing reusable functionalities. Usually there appear cracks and creases and the wax gets peeled off in places after a regular use during this period. So, the end result happens to be a less and less sticky wrap. But the best bet says you can extend its life even more with careful planning. Proper storage and rejuvenation plan can give it an even longer life.


How do you revive beeswax wraps?

Easy reviving techniques of the beeswax wraps is responsible for its ever expanding popularity. Washing and frequent use exerts some toll on it and you are going to notice some apparent cracks on the body. Wear and tear also takes out the shininess. After a certain period, you will find a loss of stickiness. So, you just need to put it in the sun or place it near a fire. Within a little time, the heat will reshape the wax structure and give it a new gorgeous appearance. The crumpled and tired wax will regain its strength as well.


Can you freeze beeswax wraps?

The wax wraps are great at protecting both fresh as well as leftover food items. Naturally, jojoba oil, beeswax and pine resin possesses tremendous antifungal and antibacterial capabilities. The beeswax wraps are made up of these elements for tenacity while at work. Moreover, you can freeze the wax covering your food. You will enjoy both the natural food protecting commitment of the wraps and the low temperature of the freeze. Simultaneously, this combination of forces can save the substance literally for months. If you are going somewhere or planning for a very long vacation and you have some unused cheese, fruits, vegetables, bread, baked goods, etc, then beeswax wraps are outstanding alternative for you.


Can beeswax wraps be washed?

The most intriguing part of beeswax wraps is that you can easily clean these things back to normal. After each use, it might get a little dirty that requires cleaning. Hand wash the wraps with normal dishwasher or a gentle soap or an alcohol free soap. You can also make use of a sponge or a piece of cloth to rub down the dirt. Warm water destroys the wraps by melting and removing the wax. So, go for cold or lukewarm water in order to clean this product. This action has more resemblance to washing the dishes.


How do you take care of beeswax wraps?

Beeswax wraps do not call for immense attention. But you have to take a fair share of care to ensure longevity. Microwave oven is the number one enemy of the wraps. Putting it inside of an oven will instantly cause some irreparable damage by melting the wax. You should not store hot food using this protector. Heat is no good for its overall health. Store the wax in a basket or bowl or drawer in the normal temperature. Keeping up these practices will guarantee a long life of the beeswax wraps.