So, your coming to this place means you are giving serious thoughts regarding environment protection and championing traditional as well as organic food storage methods. Bee’s wrap is the latest buzzword in this prospect. Food packing and safety has got a whole new meaning with bee’s wrap. You can also cover your kitchen utensils using this natural product. With such an effective wrapping technique, food quality deterioration is barely a concern. Moreover, you can wash and reuse it for about a year.

What are food wraps made of?

Beeswax wraps are made up of jojoba oil, tree resin or to be more specific pine resin, organic cotton and of course bee’s wax. Make a paste of beeswax beads, tree resin and and jojoba oil. Then lay it on a cotton sheet. Size and shape of this product actually depends upon you as you can determine it with the cotton sheet. You will also need small saucepan, parchment paper, baking sheet, pinking shears, measuring cup and a paintbrush. This beeswax wrap is renowned for antibacterial properties.

How do you use a bee wrap?

Beeswax wraps Uses

Beeswax wrap does not need any glue or adhesive to stick to something. It has some automatic features that act like glue. Squeeze this wrap around anything using your hand warmth and experience its magic. It can take all imaginable shapes or forms. You can cover a bowl, a cup or a piece of cheese in the easiest possible way. Packing snacks, sandwiches, veggies, kitchenware, lunch items and a wide variety of functions can be illustrated in this regard. Notably, beeswax wraps are reusable and you need to just wash those with cold or lukewarm water and mild soap to prepare for the next utilization.

How long do beeswax food wraps last?

Repair and reuse? Frankly, beeswax wraps give you multi-use opportunities for at least a year or more depending on wear and tear. Over a regular course of usage, there may appear crease and cracks on its body. Mild dish soap and cool or lukewarm water is preferred for its cleaning. But you should keep these packs away from heat sources such as microwave oven, cooker, hot water or stove. Folding the items in an airtight manner and storing in a basket, counter or drawer will keep these packages in good stead.

So, how can you determine the end of beeswax wrap’s service age?

The thing becomes thin and soft and you will have difficulties in sticking it around something. However, you can use it as a fire starter for one last time and bring out a fresh one. Not to forget, you can refresh it if the gluing capacity seems out of service. Just put the wrap in the sun or use a hairdryer to warm it up. This process will bring back its stickiness as softening wax is going to harden its position on the cotton again. Hot or acidic food items should not be packed with the beeswax wraps. Such an incident causes some irreparable damage to its structure.

How do you clean beeswax wrap?

Cleaning beeswax wraps is rather an easy task. After using it as a food cover, you may want to clean it. So, we suggest a little warmer water and a soft soap or an eco-friendly detergent. Sponge down the dirty wraps just like washing the dishes. It will take the filth out and give you a new looking beeswax wrap over and over again. Some of the wax may come of in this process. But there is nothing to worry about.