There are three sizes available for Geobless beeswax wraps. They come in small, medium and large sizes for your optimum use.

  • Small Beeswax Wrap (7” x 8”)
  • Medium Beeswax Wrap (10” x 11”)
  • Large Beeswax Wraps (13” x 14”)

Beeswax wraps size



7″ x 8″You can use these wraps for half of a lemon, the end part of a cucumber, half finished avocado, a tiny bowl, carrot sticks or other snack items.


10” x 11″ This size fits well for covering a bowl, half of a sandwich, baked items, cheese, or half of a cabbage or cantaloupe.


13” x 14” Set the large wraps around a large bowl, pie dish, celery, cheese, sandwich, or half of a watermelon.


Are beeswax wraps airtight?

Whether beeswax wraps are airtight or not, requires an examination of the ingredients along with its composition. These kitchenware are made up of cotton sheet, beeswax beads, jojoba oil and pine resin. The fabric gets infused with a mixture of the other three elements.


This healthy combination comes into effect at 200 degree F temperature and makes sure that the wraps act in an airtight manner. A proper beeswax wrap will not let water in as well. So, your next eco-friendly kitchen item gives you both air and water resistant properties.


Do beeswax wraps taint food?

Actually, tainting is not limited to germ attacks alone. It also involves smell. As have been already mentioned, beeswax wraps come out of 100% natural ingredients. Geobless beeswax wraps will step into your life with fully functional antibacterial properties.


So, bacterial contamination is in fact a far fetched idea. But what about the smell? Well in the market, you are certainly going to detect some beeswax wraps strongly emitting pine resin, coconut oil or beeswax bead smell. Our items are quite exclusively guaranteed in this respect. You might only discover a sweet beeswax fragrance if you possess a powerful olfactory system. Normally, you will not smell anything at all.


Can I use coconut oil in beeswax wraps?

Well, there are instances of experiments that talk about using coconut oil in beeswax wraps instead of pine resin. Of course, you too can follow the trend. But coconut oil does not give you as malleable a wrap as that of pine resin.


Moreover, coconut oil has an inseparable smell which many people find a bit offensive especially when it gets stuck with your food items. Geobless wrap comes from pine resin. So, the choice is actually yours. If you go for a homemade or DIY beeswax wrap, you can undertake many experimental outlook.


Are beeswax wraps environmentally friendly?

Certainly, beeswax wraps get you fully covered on the environment protection zone. However, let us take a deeper look into this topic. First of all, its components include cotton fabric, beeswax pellets, pine resin and jojoba oil. There is nothing wrong in those elements. These are all compostable when left out in the environment.


Moreover, we have to consider replacing plastic bags as well. The insurmountable harmful effects of plastic bags is gone altogether with the use of beeswax wraps. Then, you are not adding a new garbage to the environment each time you are taking the wrapped food out for use. Reusable capacity of the wrap chucks out a lot of wastes off of your dustbin.


Finally, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations outlines that we waste around ⅓ of total food production for human consumption alone. It stands at about $1 trillion dollar worth of food. This is a staggering amount of food that negatively impacts worldwide hunger situation too. So, beeswax wraps save your share of wastage from that equation